Charity Service - Free Classes

Free Weekly Classes Open to ALL

Made possible by Top Rigor Foundation

We provide an unparalleled quality education for any currently registered high school and college students as a public service. All weekly classes under this program are free of charge! Due to room capacity limit, students should register to reserve your space for each lesson ASAP. Students are admitted to the program based on first come, first served basis. To enter this program, a student must first sign up on this website by clicking SIGN UP Now! You need to do this only once before taking any classes. Once completing the program's online registration form, please select the classes you wish to take on the calendar below. 

In addition to academic curriculum, we are adding IT training program to our charity service, providing live interactive online lessons open to the public, not limited to students. To enroll in IT program, please visit our mirror site, select a topic from the list, and submit your request on that website.