Top Rigor's Vision

Message from the President: 

    Top Rigor instructors are trained to help students build their solid foundation in specific areas of the subjects or tests. In order for students to master a test, they must have a thorough understanding of content and concept. Once they have a strong foundation in the subject, they would be able to apply their knowledge beyond their familiarities. 

    We hold a high standard for our instructors and a high expectation for our students. We prepare students to continue their advancement in a higher level. Therefore, we focus on teaching the challenging subject content knowledge that will help students excel in school, college and graduate/professional school. Our instruction covers far beyond the short-cut tricks and test-taking strategies in order to achieve the top percentile on the standardized tests. 

    Our students are trained to be self-reliant and eventually be able to teach themselves more advanced topics utilizing a strong background taught by us. We hope that our students would spread a unique learning experience here and share knowledge with their peers. Students are encouraged to help other disadvantaged or poorly performed students. By helping others, students can learn more and will ultimately master the subject. Our guidance will propel students to be a productive asset in the society.