Instructors' Evaluation

Experiencing little results from other well-known test prep & tutoring centers and multiple tutors, students and parents finally discovered Top Rigor and admitted that they found the really competent one upon seeing a perfect score on their exams and the top percentile rank on their standardized tests. 

Student Review for Top Rigor

"Very knowledgeable"

- 10th grader at Burlingame High, Julie from Burlingame, CA

Top Rigor clearly has a very good understanding of the standardized PSAT and SAT test. They can customize numerous strategies to help your child learn how to successfully tackle the test, and strategies to maximize your time in taking the test. They have a very keen analytical ability to understand the areas your child needs to fine tune to help them obtain the best score they can. My son is very pleased with the lessons they have together, and we feel these test taking skills will benefit my son in all his test taking through his academic years. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND TOP RIGOR!!!

"Very patient and warm personality"

- Copy writer at VISA, Debra from San Pablo, CA

Top Rigor is excellent! They are very patient and thorough, moreover, they are very knowledgeable and professional. I was very pleased with the service that they provided.

"Exceptional Tutors in Multiple Subjects and Test Prep"

- 7th grader at Zion School, Anna from San Francisco, CA

Top Rigor is an awesome place that really cares about their students and wants them to reach their full potential. They are knowledgeable in many subjects and explain things with clarity. They are also very patient. After a few sessions, I got 100% on both my literature and algebra tests. They come prepared with materials that help me learn more than what is being taught in school. With them, tutoring is not just a job. They come prepared for each session and truly care about their students.They knew what I was capable of after only one session of working with me and refused to let me do just the bare minimum. With each session, they hold me accountable and make sure I put forth my best at all times. You will not be disappointed with them as your tutors. I highly recommend them because Top Rigor has great instructors and motivators who will help you excel in school.

"Great Tutors!!"

- Senior at SFSU, Cara from San Francisco, CA

With their solid background in the subject, they prepared a highly effective lesson and provided very helpful extra materials. After only a lesson with them, I got a perfect score on my test. Top Rigor is a master in Test Prep and academic subjects. They are very knowledgeable of what will be on the test and prepare their lesson materials accordingly. Because of their test expertise, the result I got was beyond my expectation!

"With patience and dedication, Top Rigor can improve any student's score!"

- 12th grader at Lowell High, Malu from San Francisco, CA

Top Rigor is amazing! Within a short period of time I improved my test scores from barely above 50% to 95 %, and my score improved two whole letter grades from a C- before their lessons to an A- on the most recent test. They are very patient and will do their absolute best to improve the scores of a student. They explain clearly and is of great help. Before I found Top Rigor, I was doing very badly in my AP Calculus AB class, but now my score has greatly improved, and even my teacher has acknowledged my improvement. If it wasn't for them, I would most likely be failing my AP calc class. All of this is due to their tutoring lessons. The student's success is their primary concern, thus, they are willing to work for long periods of time in order to ensure that student will be well prepared for classes and tests. Thanks to Top Rigor's explanations, I got the concepts I couldn't understand during the class time in school. They are very knowledgeable and prepared, and they try to push their student to do their best and reach their potential.