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Welcome to Top Rigor!

Greetings Students & Parents:
Backed by the top professional teaching team from prestigious universities and equipped with over a decade of teaching experience at UC Berkeley, De Anza College, Berkeley Standard, and other academic institutions, Top Rigor offers exclusively small classes and customized private lessons in a highly effective learning environment. As a result-driven team, we hold a high academic promise. Our students have achieved a high test score of 95-100% on math, science, English, AP exams and standardized tests taught by us, and many of whom have been offered an admission to the very top colleges and national universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Caltech, UC Berkeley, UCLA and other highly competitive academic institutions. 
If you, the student, or your children plan to apply to a world-renowned university whether in the distant or near future, you may have arrived at your final destination. With highly skilled, well trained professional tutors achieving perfect scores in several advanced subjects and standardized tests, we have helped hundreds of students achieve high test scores and GPAs. We teach students how to become effective independent learners by learning to analyze the test questions like a test writer.
Hence, we can assure the instant maximum learning experience. You will learn how to analyze the materials and approach them from the big picture narrowing down to the specific targets. Upon extensive training, you will be able to create the tests and meet the expectation of the test makers.